The Concept of Masonic Obedience Regularity, adopted worldwide, takes into account several aspects. As for their origin, the Masonic Obedience must be formed by Regular Masonic Lodges, have their area of jurisdiction well defined and not in conflict with other Obedience or have the sharing of territory granted by them. In addition, several legal, moral and ethical principles must be followed.The Regular Masonic Obedience must be guided by the belief in a Supreme Creator, called Great Architect of the Universe, and in the existence of a future life. There might have absolute obedience to the ancient Masonic traditions, uses and behavior, in addition to observance of the Anderson Constitution adopted by The Grand Lodge of England in 1723, and other legal diplomas that preach human improvement in the moral, intellectual and spiritual aspects. Regular Masonic Obedience must also strictly follow the laws of their country, adopting the principles of Legality, Impersonality and Transparency.

The Grand Lodge of Paraná has a Recognition and Friendship Treaty with 150 Masonic Obedience in Brazil and abroad, including the United Grand Lodge of England – UGLE, known as “The Worldwide Mother Grand Lodge”.

In Brazil, the Masonic Obediences recognized nationally and internationally are the Grand Lodges, members of the Symbolic Masonry Confederation of Brazil – CMSB, which we take part, the Grand Orients State, affiliated to the Masonic Confederation of Brazil – COMAB, and the Grand Orient of Brazil – GOB. No other organization in what is called Freemasonry is recognized by the Regular International Masonic Community.

The Grand Lodge of Paraná, as a regular Masonic Obedience and recognized as such by the Regular National and International Masonic Community, will always work, through its jurisdiction’s Lodges, for the improvement of its members, so that they contribute to the happiness and progress of humanity.